Supernoval takes place in the fictional world of GAIANA, a planet not unlike Earth. However, Gaiana is a world run by the fantastic power of magic! Magic can be found in every nook and cranny of this world: in the land, the sea, the sky, and all the flora and fauna inbetween. It's so plentiful and useful that the inhabitants of this world never needed to progress into a digital era.

Gaiana is seperated into two distinct regions. The Well, pictured in the map above, is where the majority of people and animals live, due to the vibrant and rich ecosystems it hosts. Beyond the Well are the Wastes, a desolate and dusty desert that covers most of the planet's surface, where resources are limited and death hovers over your shoulder.


The first of the five provinces within the Well, and the setting of the first arc of Supernoval. 75% of Fortra's surface is covered by a dense rainforest, which is host to a whole roster of diverse fauna and flora. It is also where wicks belonging to the mammid subspecies call home.

Fortra's forest is infamous for trapping those who venture into it's depths in a twisting labyrinth of green. The other provinces have longed to plunder its resources for many generations.


Wicks are a species of furry, rainbow colored-humanoids which come in all shapes, sizes and vibrant neon hues. They are the dominant species on Gaiana due to their intelligence and incredible magic powers.

All wicks are born with their own unique "superpower," which can be anything from creating fire to turning their entire body transparent. A wick's power is a very important part of their personal identity, especially during early childhood. Young wicks enjoy parading their abilities around to peers as a declaration of individuality. Powers are passed down from parent to child, and are often used as a "fingerprint" of sorts.


Each wick belongs to one of five subgroups, or 'races': Mammids, Insectids, Aquatians, Avians, and Mundanes.

A wick's race has no effect on the type of power they are born with, only determining their physical appearance and capabilities. For example, aquatians possess gills and fins that allow them to live and thrive underwater.


To wicks, gender is nothing more than a vehicle for self-expression. Gender and sex are not related whatsoever to the species's reproductive process.

'Biological sex' refers to minor anatomical differences that occur across all wick races. The differences were more pronounced in ancient civilization, but the lines have blurred considerably as of the present day. Currently, the only definitive way to tell a wick's birth sex is to check their lower jaw for an extra pair of canine teeth, which are uniquely present in females.


Oftentimes, a wick will have an animal companion called a 'familiar.' A familiar is very different from a common pet, being conjured by young wicks on their tenth sparkday.

The relationship shared between a wick and their bonded familiar is spiritual in nature, but familiars are still sentient and independant creatures. A familiar will be undyingly loyal to a wick that takes good care of them, but will leave a neglectful partner.

It is thought that all animals on Gaiana are the descendants of some of the earliest familiars.


The majority of wicks believe in three gods: The Moon Goddess, the Sun God, and the Celestial.

The sun and moon are twins, and a common theme of their mythology is that they constantly compete for the worship of the wicks. Appropriately, their respective followers are at constant odds with each other. Followers of Lunariamine, the moon goddess, are seekers of knowledge and strive to push the boundaries of the world around them. Meanwhile, those who follow the sun god, Sollertia, are often artistic and emotional, looking for beauty in every facet of life. To find someone who favours both of them equally is a rare occurrence.

The Celestial is the biological parent of Sollertia and Lunariamine. It is widely believed they are the one who created the wick species, so they are worshipped on a level above their two children - while most wicks will prefer either the sun or the moon, the Celestial is equally respected and celebrated by all.